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American Gods by Neil Gaiman
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Partying with the Chicks

Well, it has now started to downpour, so I guess I won't be going for that run soon, but I am still excited for this weekend because my college roommate is going to be in town tomorrow and hopefully we will get ready to par-tay! Unfortunately, her friend will be out of town, so the f-o-f P will not be there, but he probably was interested in someone else as I suspected, or I would have heard from him. Regardless, he's a cool guy and I would have enjoyed hanging out with him, but it will have to be a girl's night out! One out last girls night out, this happened. We'll have to see if we can top that!

(nothing ever happened with that coworker--haven't seen him much since i missed his b-day party, but I still have hopes for the future)
Playing Hooky

There is something great about not being at work on a gorgous day, and knowing that everyone else is stuck there.

Since I worked last weekend, I have rewarded myself with a day off. So far, I have managed to get my oil changed, go to the post office to send off my visa application for Mali (yes, I'm going to Mali in West Africa at the end of June - one of my college roommates is in the Peace Corps, and I'm going to visit her with two of our other roommates and its going to rock!), dropped off my Mom's old sewing machine for repairs in the hopes that I will one day finish the quilt I started, and will be picking up my bike from the shop later this afternoon (and yes, I am pissed off that it was supposed to be ready last friday and they just started working on it yesterday).

Plus, I've even managed to get a bit of a sunburn while waiting for my car!

Workaholic? Moi?

Somehow, over the past week, I became a workaholic, much to my dismay. I sank to an all time low when I went into work Saturday morning on my way up to Conn. to hang with my family for the long weekend, and stopped there on my way home today. I was the only person in my group that was there past 3 on Friday and I probably would have stayed much later than 5:30 (not impressive unless you take into account I was in the office by 7am) but had luckily made plans with Jen to see "The Matrix" and we already had tickets, so at least I got some fun in over the weekend. Have no fear though....deadline is tomorrow and I will hopefully go back to my usual slacker self by Wednesday.

Welcome Back

OK, I gave up on the referrals and will just have to rely on my site meter from now on. But isn't everyone glad my page is back to normal?
Spice Up Your Life

Who would have thought that I'd ever become Sporty Spice!

Saturday (5/17) - ~2 1/2 mile run
Sunday (5/18) - 2 hrs of ultimate frisbee (my team lost, but much closer than last week), ~9 miles of biking, and 2 hrs of swimming (~2.5 miles)
Yesterday (5/20) - 1 hr of ultimate, 4.5 miles of biking
Today (5/21) - Running with Nike
Tomorrow (5/22) - Company Softball game
This Weekend - Getting my ass kicked while biking with my parents, if the weather holds out in Conn.

Yeah, I rock. I suppose this week makes up for last week when I sat on my ass instead.

When I was in high school, there were five of us in my group of girlfriends, so naturally we figured out which Spice Girl we were in the group, but back then I was always Scary Spice. And no, I'm not black, but I am tall with curly hair, so I guess I looked the most like her. That and no one wanted to be Sporty since she wasn't sexy like the rest of them

Well, maybe I'm not as sporty as I thought I was.....my dad emailed me at work telling me he was getting work done on my mom's bike--new gears--and that if I wanted her old ones, it would only cost me $70, which is a steal since a tune-up alone would cost $50 and the bike I am currently using's gears are crap and the chain falls off half the time you switch gears, so instead of running, I brought my bike over to the shop. Yes, theoretically I could have run on my own, but by the time I got home, it had already started raining again, and Law and Order was almost on.....

And as for tomorrow, the softball game has a strong possibility of getting rained out, and I have strong doubts about me getting my ass to the gym if it is.

I've Been Working on the Railroad...

The moment I always dread when meeting new people is when they ask, "So, what do you do?" Inevitably, if I tell them the whole truth, that I'm an environmental engineer, I get a blank look back at me, followed by the question, "So, what does an environmental engineer do?" Now let me tell you, there is nothing that can detract from flirting more than explaining my job. Therefore, if I don't feel like getting into all that, I will usually just answer the job question with "I'm an engineer" without the environmental part. People get the point that I'm semi-intelligent, and then I don't have to give a science lesson. When I was discussing my job with Mr. Tunes, he suggested that if anyone ask why kind of an engineer I was, I should just answer, "You know, the train kind."

Funnily enough, when I was discussing job stuff with Jen, whose dad does what I do, she told me that growing up, she thought her dad worked on trains all day long.

Blogger Bash!

Had a glorious time at the blogger bash on Friday. Highlights included finally meeting Jen and Jake, who I already felt like I knew so well. Naturally Paul was there, doing his hosting duties, and I was quite excited because Edie showed up later on and it was great to meet her after reading her for all this time. Other cool people I met were Anil, the guru of all blogging, Hands Free, Marc, Zeebah, and the illustrious Jane Galt, among others. Overall, it was a great deal of fun and must pester Paul that we shouldn't wait until September for the next one.


I can't believe how emotional I just got.....watching Dawson's and hearing the song "I'll Be" by Shawn Mullins just got me on the verge of tears. Too many memories of my sophmore year in college and my boyfriend then who I convince myself I'm over until I hear songs like that.

And "Have a Little Faith In Me".....there must be something about getting your heart broken once, no matter how bad you knew the relationship was for you, that makes all those sappy songs seem meaningful.

For more on Dawson's nostalgia, see Gothamist

And I agree with Gothamist that Pacey and Joey are better....Dawson has been quite lame the past couple years and is a workaholic, so I like the ending.

Mission Accomplished?

I only got two of my weekend items done, much to my dismay. I played a bit too much frisbee and biked to Central Park to do this, but am now quite sore and didn't do any significant biking since I tried to put air in my tire and instead of filling it up, I let all the air out and now can't pump air into the tire. I am going to try this again in the hopes that it will be more cooperative now since I still am planning on going on this bike ride on Sunday. I might cancel though because my old roommate from Boston might come this weekend to visit. However, she might come with two friends who I don't know at all, in which case they can't all fit at my place because my sofa bed isn't too large and there isn't much extra floor space.

And I would have played with my new mini-disc player had I not been preoccupied with the fact that my wireless networking device spontaneously stopped working Sunday morning and hasn't started since! However, the other computers using the internet all work-quite annoying! Maybe the new version of Morpheus has corrupted my computer...

Listening To

Dulcinea by Toad the Wet Sprocket

Favorite Track: Windmills

How bummed am I that I missed their reunion tour? Still mad at myself for not paying attention!

Another Strikeout

Total ammount of alcohol consumed last night:

2 Bud Lights - The Black Bear
4 Yeunglings - Mustang Harry's
2 Budwisers - House party in Alphabet City

Summary: Went to happy hour after work but had to leave by 8 to meet the J-date guy at 9 and ended up being quite late. He showed up wearing jeans and a button down plaid flannel shirt, reminding me of my ex from college who was practially always in that outfit. Plus, we were sitting at the bar and he kept looking straight ahead at the Celtics-Nets game (he's from Boston) which is quite annoying when you're trying to have a conversation with someone. Hung out there with him until midnight, when the bartender brought us a check rather than giving us new rounds of beer before we even finished our last ones. So we walked to the train station and said goodbye and I don't expect to see him again. I was going to get on the train home but my friend A had called earlier telling me that C was having a house party, so I called to see if she was there. (Background: C just moved here in January from Seattle and is quite hot...we hung out one night at my place but haven't seen him since). Turns out A was at a birthday party and was about to leave it anyway, so I met her and we headed down to the C's house. Interesting group of people and C is as cute as I remember. A has decided that she's going to try and set us up, which is fine by me for sure. Anyway, around 4 in the morning the roof at C's got a bit chilly so we headed home. Woke up this morning feeling quite hungover, even though I was never really drunk at any point in time....aaahh, the effects of getting older.

Weekend Plans

As for the rest of the weekend, here's what you might find me....

Playing ultimate frisbee in Central Park
Going to see Wigfield at the Jane Street theatre (but this will probably get moved to next week since I think this weekends tickets are sold out)
Cleaning up my apartment
Catching up on sleep
Getting on my bike at least once since I might ride in this next weekend
Playing with this brand new toy.

Well, apparently I was completely wrong about my date with Mr. Tunes because despite his words promising to call, he hasn't. Now normally this would not bother me, but in this case, I am bothered by the fact that it was completely unexpected. When we talked on the phone before the date, we talked for hours, and the date went very well, once again talking for hours and standing in front of my building for at least half an hour before he had to head back to Westchester. And when he said goodbye, I gave him a hug and was quite suprised when he laid quite a long and not so innocent good night kiss on me. He then departed to catch his train, promising to call and basically skipping down the block. All this would normally tell someone that they are interested, but no, no call. And even more so, I'm not sure if I was all that attracted to him, but I did really like him and thought that regardless, we had a lot in common and could be good friends, so I'm kinda bummed on that part.

On the other hand, it makes planning my weekend easier since I am going out with a different J-dater tomorrow night who is a bit more my type (though my type tends to be guys that are bad for me dating wise). Promise reports over the weekend...

Car Troubles

Don't you know that whenever you have a place to go, that's when you get a flat tire? Naturally, as I was leaving work at a reasonable time to get to the bike repair class, I realized I had a flat tire, and it took the good guys I work with over an hour to change the tire because the stupid nuts were on so tight that about five people had to try before they could get them loose. But after making it to Brooklyn through the crazy traffic on Chambers St, I was still able to have fun at the class for about an hour. Plus, they have it every week so I'm planning on checking it out again.

Dating Update

Went out Mr. Tunes last night and had a real good time. Would still like him more if he were taller than me, and am slightly worried that he's prettier than me, but had a good time none the less and will probably see him again.

Yes, I am an Enginerd

Thanks to 601am for the link to the coolest car commercial ever!
Riding a Two-Wheeler

Reminder to those of you who are New Yorkers that yesterday officially kicked off Bike Week NYC. So pull out your two-wheeler if you have one and get moving! Of particular interest to moi is the Ladies Night repair clinic, for which you don't need to rsvp or bring anything besides yourself. I think my mom and I are going to hit it as a bonding thing.
Restless Sleeping

Am very annoyed because I got woken up numerous times during the night. Why? Because my parents are out of town, so I had two kitties in my apartment instead of the normal one, and the new one must have gotten very upset during the night because she kept mewing. I think its because she was lonely and didn't know where to sleep in her new surroundings, but she's been to my apartment before so I'm not sure why this time was different. Eventually she hid under my bed rather than sleep with me like my cat does, but she didn't venture out until I left this morning.


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