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I'm Back

Back from not so relaxing week long ski vacation....slept tons, but am sore and overdosed on family time. Couldn't wait to get back to my own apartment and have some alone time. However, now that I am work, wish the vacation would go on forever.


Tried to go to Cutie Coworkers party after successfully draging some friends away from another excruciatingly boring party where I knew no one, but had forgotten to print address and so ended up not finding it. Turns out had we walked one block farther, we would have gotten there but hindsight does have 20/20. Will have to email him when I get back from my vacation to explain that I actually had intended on going in hopes he'll suggest getting together some other time! In the meantime, will enjoy week of skiing :)

Third Time's A Charm?

Suprise, suprise, Boston boy had to cancel plans for this week, making it now a total of three time's he's cancelled (although to be fair, he told me he'd get in touch when he was back in town, and then found out he had to stay on the road longer then expected, so the third time was not cancelling definate plans, just the possibility of plans). He's going on vacation skiing as of today, just like me, so hopefully when we both get back from our respective ski vacations, we will be able to meet. I'm not holding my breath, but I figure if he keeps getting in touch, even if it is only to break plans, at least he's not blowing me off so he's probably still interested. If I will be, that's another story.

As for cutie coworker, I have not talked to him all week, but I was invited to his b-day celebration, which is on Saturday night. Dilema is now whether to go or not.

Give b-day kiss (one can hope)
Potential to meet cool people and get jiggy with it

Might not know anyone else (question arises whether to bring friend along to prepare for this, but that could get in the way of pro #1)
Must be at airport at 7am Sunday morning

Latin fans?

By the way, my cutie coworker was hoping to find a place that was similar to SOBs, but with a cheaper (hopefully no) cover. Basically a place with Latin dancing that is ok for people who don't know how to Latin dance. Anyone know of such a place?
Weekend Fun

On Friday, I decided to go to Happy Hour with my coworkers--I've been a couple of times, but I don't know most of the people in my office (400+) outside of my group, and most of those people don't go, but since one of the people I do know had won a free hour of drinking at one of the local bars for him and anyone who knows him, I decided to venture out. Unfortunately, since I had to drive home, I could not take as much advantage of the free alcohol as I would have liked, but I did have a good time and met tons more people from my office which was nice. There are a handful of my coworkers who also live in the city, and pretty much all the west side people drive and the east side people take public transport. One of them, I find particularly attractive, and have chatted with him a couple times on my excursions on the train since my car is always in the shop. To my delight, he was there and I ended up giving him a ride back to the city, since getting to the train is significantly harder past 7pm.

Now imagine my suprise on Saturday night when my college roomate who was in town for the night and I are heading towards this club and there he is, with a huge group of people, right in font of the club! Turns out it was a friend of his's b-day and they were headed for a night of dancing, so we joined them and ended up barhopping with my cutie coworker and a friend of his in hopes of finding a good place for his b-day which is next weekend. Had very good time, though did not feel like traipsing to Brooklyn to check out the last few spots at 3am. He said he'll let me know how the Brooklyn places were and where they end up deciding on, but big question is if I will be invited along for the festivities next weekend! Do think he's somewhat interested though since he spent way more time with me than his friends.

And as for Boston boy, was supposed to see him tonight, but he had to cancel this evening because his boss called him this morning and told him to be on a plane to Chicago tonight! Have serious questions about whether we will ever actually get together now and am not sure whether I should get involved with yet another person always busy with work, but we will supposedly get together when he gets back from Chicago in a couple of days. He seems to have an aversion to definate plans though, which I guess is good since he keeps cancelling, but could also become annoying. But I should wait until we actually make it past our first date before passing judgement.

Scary Dreams

I had the freakiest dream the other night that I wandered across my brother's blog and it had all these references to my blog. You know that whole thing about being honest in your blog but not in real life? My brother knows a lot, but not everything, so in my dream, his blog was congratulating me on having a date with the Boston guy...very strange. Now makes me wonder whether I should tell him about my blog or not.

Back in reality, I just got back from a Hem show, which was awesome, and much more crowded than expected. Luckily, I made friends with some people in line who had reserved extra tickets because they could actually get through to someone on the phone at Joe's Pub, where as I just got the nice voice mail lady. So if you're reading this, thank you guys!

Life Repeating?

Forgot (or left out) that on Saturday up in Boston I met a guy on Sat. night from NYC. Very cute, my height, but not shorter so ok, good job. He's a bit older than I'd like (5 years older), but we couldn't believe that he and his friends were all that old cause they definately seemed like the same age as us. Anyway, we hit it off (maybe a bit too well for the sake of my friends), but when we exchanged business cards at the end of the night, I did have some doubts about whether I'd hear from him.

But he wrote, and we did have plans for Wed. night, but he might have a work meeting and won't know until tomorrow.....I'm getting the slightest feeling of deja vu.

Beantown Tales
Am back from weekend in Boston where I had a blast and am very glad I went.

Went salsa dancing for the first time on Friday night with an old roommate. It was like how I imagined a high school dance would be--at the start of a song, all the men would ask the ladies for a dance, they would lead, and then say thank you at the end of the song. I wasn't very good, but most of the men don't care cause they just like having someone to dance with. And Sat. night, went out for a fun night of dancing w. my best friend and her vet school buddies.

The weekend would have been perfect had it not been for car battery dying when I was getting ready to leave. Something with the battery dying caused my radio to die, so I had to drive back 3 1/2 hrs with no sound at all. Hopefully will be able to get the car to the shop soon to fix it before I go insane. Can only handle conversations with myself for so long.

Blur Watch

Blur, one of my all time favorite bands, has decided to do one show in NYC for the first time in forever, and somehow I didn't know about this! After hearing it was sold out on the radio, without me ever having realized it was for sale, I checked to see how I could have let this one slip by, and it was not on their website or on Pollstar, so at least I can't fully blame myself. However, it is still next week and sold out, and all the tickets at Ebay are way too expensive. But if anyone happens to know how to get hold of some, please drop me a line.

I finally decided to be a good citizen and register my car to New York, submitting to the rediculously high insurance rates. Well, I wasn't really motivated by the good citizen reason, but more by the fact that my Massachusetts plates expired in Feb. and travelling to Boston this weekend with expired plates would probably not be a good idea. And renewing my Mass plates would be very illegal, where as taking my time to change over my plates (~7 months) is just because I was too busy.

And today reminded me of why I was too busy because unlike in Massachusetts, none of the DMV offices are open on weekends, so I had to go on my lunch break yesterday to register my car. I left half and hour early and got back half an hour late, it was raining heavily, and I had to get the people to explain to me quite a few times which form I would have to fill out so that I would not pay sales tax, since I was transferring the title from Mass., but had been given the car by my parents, when it was registered under their names in NY, and had never had a Massachusetts license.

So I thought that was bad, but today was worse, when I had to go, in the snowstorm, to the mechanics to get my car inspected, and it took 2 1/2 hrs! In total, they did the inspection, an oil change and changed a light bulb. In 2 1/2 hrs! And when I got back to work my toes were numb because the heat in the waiting area was crap and I wasn't exactly wearing appropriate shoes for the weather.

On the upside, I had practically zero problem coming home from work because since I stayed late, the roads were clear by then, and the parking gods listened and found me a spot on my block on my first try. So I actually have time to get ready for my date!

The Worst Confirmed

So J. wrote back to my e-mail and appologized for not getting back to me sooner, but 14-hr days just aren't condusive to relationships and for now, work must come first. While not unexpected, getting this first thing at work really wasn't how I wanted to start the day.

On the upside, bacelor no. 2 (let's call him D.) did call yesterday and we set up a date Thursday for Tibetian food (never had it but have heard good things).

Now must make it through the day looking chipper, while the rain outside is not helping me with my desire to crawl under my desk and have a good cry. Only the fact that I have no makeup with me is stopping me.


Thanks T-bone for the vote of confidence....need to hear it from guys every once in a while, since girls are always biased. I did write J. a particuarly nasty e-mail telling him either way, he needs to tell me what's going on and that if he is just blowing me off, I thought much better of him. And as for bachelor no. 2, I will be seeing him Thursday and then spend the weekend partying away in Beantown with my college friends!
Foiled Again

OK, so it didn't work. I will just have to be more dilligent about turning on my computer at home.
Damn Firewalls Again

Must readdress how much my company's firewall sucks. Its too smart! They have prevented me from using the normal Blogger posting site, but for now, I have gotten around them with the Blog This! command!

Those IT guys are pretty sneaky here...they used to have a second server for themselves, and people found out about it and would use that proxy instead so that they could access more stuff, but the IT people caught on (probably realized how much their connection slowed down) and change the name of their server on us! So far, no one I know has figured out its name, but we know it exists since their connection is way to fast to be the same as ours :(

A Brand New Day

I got up and stared at my template and decided it was a bit too bright for the mood I've been in lately.

Hope everyone likes my brand new look!


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