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Multiple Choice

Am very frustrated right now....have been dating J. since mid-January, and things were going really well and getting semi-serious, and then he got super busy with work and haven't seen him since before he ditched me on V. day (once again, for work). So am now in state of confusion--don't want to have the "where is our relationship" talk over the phone, but who knows when I'll see him due to his schedule.

Plus, two other potentially good jdaters have contacted me, and feel weird cause I tentatively made a date for next week with one of them (6'7"!).

Just want to get confustion over with J. Like him a lot, but am not sure whether he's trying to blow me off with decreased number of phone calls, or whether its due to hectic work schedule alone.

Yay, my boss has finally decided we can leave....now I only have to endure 8 hrs of car time (round trip) with her in the next 48 hrs. Wish me luck.
Rain Rain Go Away

Much anticipated work ski trip is tomorrow and wednesday with work. (love my boss for starting this tradition and putting us up at his condo). However, am very upset by the rain this weekend--I was hoping it was cold enough in Vt. to snow instead of rain and half got my wish, but due to some rain, am anticipating yucky ice with some snow on top, instead of tons of fresh powder. And in addition, lots of very cold weather. Hopefully, will not look like an idiot skiing with my coworkers, since haven't skiied since last March.

Musings on Music

Inspired by Cati's posting a couple of days ago, I just wanted to share with everyone how great the No Alternative CD is. On the snow day, I reorganized all my CDs and stumbled across this great collection of early 90's music and is a must have. Don't you love rediscovering old favorites?
Playing Games

I hate it when someone says they'll call and they don't. This is not only guys, but in this instant, it is. After dating someone for over a month, you'd think you were past playing games, but apparently that's not true. Or the other option, which in this case is probably true, is that he was really too busy with work. But if you know that's going to happen, then here's a word of advice: Say that in advance! Because otherwise, I'll just be sitting here getting pissed off at you.

War Games

I'm in a state of complete shock.

My ex-boyfriend who is British just sent me an email this morning informing me that he was shipping off to Kuwait as of the 27th. Up until about a month ago, he was just another guy who was suffering from the bad economy, living at home and working a horrible temp job up in London. He had joined the army reserves a bit over a year ago to supplement his string of temp jobs with some entertainment, but I'm pretty sure he just thought it would be fun to play soldier two weeks a year, nothing else.

But now, after two weeks of playing soldier last April, and spending the past three weeks in training, he is getting shipped off to Kuwait, before a war has even been declared. He doesn't even know what he'll be doing there since their training hasn't been completed since most of the equipment is already in the Middle East.

Now tell me, does this sound like a good idea? Sending off reserves before they are properly trained, to the Middle East, when we aren't officially at war? When he got called up, I figured they were sending off the real soldiers, so the reserves were just getting trained to take their place back at home, but I guess this was wrong. And once again, I am back to thinking "Why is Tony Blair following Bush in this stupidity?!"

Here's the link that didn't come through below

Reading Edie Singleton's page , I was reminded of a past dating experience...

This past spring, one of my best friends from college, M, who was a year above me ran into a friend of hers, B, from college who she thought would be great for me. He was about my height (when you're a tall gal, this matters), and was a very chill guy who liked the outdoors, and most importantly he wasn't dating anyone. So she decided to set us up, and gave him my phone number. After playing phone tag for a bit, we ended up spending about 45 min. on the phone and made plans to go out the next Friday. So he picks me up and it turns out he's a bit shorter than me, but not by much, so not really a big deal, and we leave to head downtown (I was still living in Boston). So we go to dinner and a movie and end up staying out till around 1 am, which is pretty late for Boston. And at the end of the evening, we take a cab back to his car and he drives me home, and I'm thinking this went pretty well and he's a cool guy-definately someone I could see hanging out with, even if it didn't end up developing into anything. He had a really lowpaying job and was planning on going back to school to take classes in order to apply to med school, and so we had split almost everything all night, which was ok with me. I like getting treated to nice dinners, but always feel abit weird about it, so it was cool with me. But this didn't prepare me for him dropping me off and saying, "when M. gets back from vacation, we should all hang out." Clearly, he wasn't into me at all. I should have been the one to decide this...I mean, I had a good time, but it wasn't like I got treated like a queen, and he was shorter than me afterall! Maybe he got weirded out when we were at the restaurant and ran into this guy that we both knew from college (in different ways because I didn't know B. at all in college), and was actually the roommate of my ex-boyfriend. And he was there with their whole group of friends that I hadn't talked to much in at least 3 years. So I had to explain to B some of this history, but it was ancient, and I thought it was kinda funny. Who knows? It wasn't until later that I had to remind myself I'd thought he'd be a better friend than dating material before he ever so nicely dissed me. But at least he didn't say "I'll call you"....

Damn public transportation! Since my car is under two feet of snow, plus the additional wall of snow made by the snow plows that came by sometime last night to finally plow my street, I decided to save myself some time and take the train/bus combo to work. Did I realize that MetroNorth would be running on a Sunday schedule? No, because when I used their handy schedule finder, it said trains were running on a normal schedule (I am still not sure how other people found this out). So not only did I wake up earlier to get a non-existent train, but the train I did take was a local and ended up taking over 1-1/2 hours to go a 45 min. route (35 if it was an express). All together, I ended up getting to work about 45 min. ago instead of 8:15, and will probably have the same problem in the evening. To be followed by extensive snow shoveling to rescue my car.

And, since I'm not so secretly in love with Jaime Oliver and was watching him all day, here was my fav. recipe of the marathon. In the show, he actually had this in a cup of espresso. Am thinking I'll have to try this very soon.

Pecan Vanilla Ice Cream with Maple Syrup

Recipe courtesy Jamie Oliver

2 tablespoons confectioners' sugar
2 handfuls pecan nuts
1 quart good quality vanilla ice cream
Maple syrup
Heat the oven to 350 degrees F (80 degrees C /Gas 4). Mix the icing sugar with the pecans on a baking tray and sprinkle with a little water to make a thick-ish paste.

Bake in the oven for a few minutes or until toasted and caramelized. Scoop out the ice cream into 4 glasses or bowls and sprinkle over the whole pecans then drizzle with a good glug of maple syrup.

Yield: 4 servings
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Cook Time: 4 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

And in response to Greg's ego boosting comments for Friday, I do realize it was completely Hallmark's fault that I felt like a loser on Friday. However, I blame it completely on my boy J. as to why I felt like a loser on Saturday evening. Here I was, thinking J. was rushing back from Philly to be with me Sat. night, after I attended aforementioned art show with my father. But does he call to tell me he's back? No. I did not hear from him until this afternoon. And granted he did not return to the city until Sunday evening, due to the weather trauma in the northeast, but at no point did he pick up the phone, thinking, "gee, last time I talked to Dahl, I told her I was going to try and get back Sat. evening to see her, and maybe she actually expected me to keep my word" So while J. has appologized for this mistake, I will continue to shoot him evil eyes until he makes up for it.
Yay! I love snow days! For me today was extra special because I was supposed to work today. And as far as I know, my office was still open, but I have the unfortunate luck of having a job in Westchester while living in the great big city. So since driving was out of the question, I looked at the MetroNorth train schedule, but even that didn't help me because the busses from the train were not running. However, the glee of a snow day has been marred by a hankering of reality at the back of my mind. Do I get paid for today, or do I have to take sick time or vacation time. (As a consulting engineer, all my time must be billed to clients....theoretically this should increase my productivity but I have mastered the art of inovative charging). Damn reality. That and the horrible thought of digging my car out :(

I hate Valentine's Day.....well, I guess that isn't true, but since I have yet to have an enjoyable one, it may as well be. But this year I was getting very excited for it. I've been dating someone for about 4 weeks and it was going really well, and even though he had work in Philly on Saturday afternoon, he was going to do his best to be around tonight. But alas, Thurday evening his boss tells him he has to be in Philly by 7 pm Friday. And even worse, he originally thought he could be back here Sat. evening, and we had tickets to an art show, but no, he has to stay in Philly until at least 10pm. So I hate Valentine's Day for making me feel like a loser, when any other day it wouldn't matter.

A very upsetting thing happened to me over the weekend. I spent a good portion of Sunday prying apart my old stereo, thinking that it had died in posession of one of my favorite CDs, Rabbit Songs by Hem (a must have for anyone!). I have been meaning to do this for a while, but kept hoping that one day I'd plug in the stereo and it would pop open. Unfortunately, after I'd gone to town on my stereo with a screwdriver and pliers, I realized there was no CD to be found! So now there is a huge mystery about where my CD could be, especially since the empty case had been sitting on top of my stereo for a couple of months now.
I've finally decided to post my own blog after getting completely absorbed in the lives of strangers....hopefully people will find my humdrum life more interesting than I do.


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